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(EN) Terms of Service


Air Rental Services Ltd, thereafter the Company, offers to private customers a dry aircraft rental service for their personal or professional needs.
The Customer intends to use the Company's aircraft for private flights.
They both agreed on the following terms.


The Company : Air Rental Services Ltd. limited company under the laws of the United Kingdom, located 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX United Kingdom, company number : 11370868.

Customer : the individual or company, willing to use the aircraft rental services offered by the Company.

Pilot : the individual, duly qualified and up to date (medical certificate, qualifications and proficiency), designated on the rental contract to conduct the intended flights with the aircraft as Pilot in Command (PIC). The Pilot can be the Customer himself, provided that he is proficient, dully qualified and owns a current medical certificate.

Article 1 : Aircraft pick-up

The aircraft, chosen by the Customer is made available at the chosen airfield, among those listed by the Company, unless agreed otherwise on the rental contract.

The Company provides the Customer with an aircraft in clean and good working condition. The Customer shall return the aircraft in the same condition.

Article 2 : Aircraft return

The Customer shall return the aircraft on the agreed date and time, at the agreed place or airflied.

In case of delay, the Customer shall update the Company with the reason and expected time of return within reasonable time.

The Customer returns the aircraft in the same working condition as provided initialy by the Company. Failure to do so would result in the Company having to retain the Customers deposit, up to the amount of repairs or parts replacement.

The Customer should return the aircraft as clean as provided. If the aircraft requires cleaning, the cleaning service will be billed to the Customer.

Article 3 : Deposit

Before the rental start, the Customer shall make a deposit to the Company's bank account, defined by the type of aircraft.

In case of damage to the aircraft or its equipments, the Company will withhold the repair costs (parts and labour) on this deposit. The deposit is not to be considered as a liability limit.

The deposit is returned to the Customer by wire transfer, no later than three (3) openable days after the aircraft is returned and inspected.

Article 4 : Payment terms

The rental is paid in advance. Before the rental contract, the Customer estimates the total flight time required for the whole rental duration. The total payment is increased by a fifteen (15%) provision, in order to account for an unforeseen longer flight time, due to meteorological conditions or any other unforeseen event at the time of pickup.

Upon aircraft return to the Company, the payment exceeding the total amount due is returned to the Customer, by wire transfer, no later than three (3) working days after the aircraft return.

In case the flight time exceeds the agreed time + 15%, the Customer shall pay the exceeding amount upon aircraft return. In case of late return, this amount will be withheld from the Customer's deposit.

Article 5 : Pilot proficiency and currency

The Customer is authorized to either act as PIC himself, or designate another pilot.

The Customer is responsible for the pîlot's proper licensing and currency for the intended flight(s).

In case of expired or invalid or incorrect for the type licencing, the Company will refuse the aircraft's departure.

The Company will be able, upon request, to verify the Pilot's proper licensing before the aircraft's departure.

Article 6 : Pilot approval

Only the pilots approved by the Company are allowed to act as PIC on the offered aircrafts. The fact that the Pilot has previous experience on type does not account for an approval. A signed Company's approval will be required prior to the aircraft's departure.

The Pilot shall recieve proper initial and recurrent training for the intended aircraft.

After the initial training, the Company is authorized at her discretion, to either approve or deny the use of the aircraft to the Pilot, shall he not meet the Company's safety criteria.

Article 7 : Aircraft maintenance

The Company handles aircrafts maintenance according to regulations standards.
The Company also provides preventive maintenance at discretion on the aircrafts, in order to provide the Customers with an optimal reliability.

Aircraft's maintenance being subject to calendar and flight time limitations, the Company will provide the Customer with the remaining available time / flight time on the rented aircraft prior to departure.
No flight should be conducted once the maximum time / flight time is met.

The Company will make sure that the aircraft has sufficient flight time for the whole rental duration.

Article 8 : Special maintenance events

In case of aircraft breakdown during the rental period, the Customer and/or the Pilot is not allowed to perform any repairs or maintenance, unless instructed to do so by the Company.

A certified CAMO shall be designated to the Customer by the Company as quickly as possible, in order to allow the normal continuation of the rental contract.

All breakdowns related to electrical or mechanical components, not related to missuse or Pilot error will not be billed to the Customer.

Article 9 : Contract termination due to mechanical grounds

In case of breakdown, if the aircraft is repairable in such a condition that the return to service can take no longer than three (3) days, the Customer or Pilot may be requested to wait at the maintenance place, in order to conduct the return flight as agreed. In this case, the return flight will be billed at cost only.

The additionnal costs (transportation, restaurants, hotel) that shall occur during this unforeseen event remain at the Customers expense.

After three (3) days, the contract may be terminated by the Customer. The Customer may leave the aircraft at the maintenance place.

Article 10 : Contract termination due to meteorological grounds

In case of hazardous meteorological conditions, preventing the Customer to safely return the aircraft, the contract may be terminated by the Customer, after a period of five (5) full days, if the meteorological conditions remain hazardous.

In this case, the Company will take care of the aircraft's return to the agreed airfield at no charge.

The Pilot being responsible for proper weather observation and estimation, the daily fare may still be charged during theses five (5) days.