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Our aircrafts

Cessna 207

This 7 seater aircraft has a great loading capacity. It has long range fuel and Sportsman STOL kit (Short Take-Off and Landing). You will not exactly burn up the sky but average cruise speed is 135-140 kt. Perfect pick for family trips or small cargo missions. Very easy access with its double cargo door and 2 front doors.

LocationsLondon, Paris, Berlin
Seating capacity7
Cruise speed (kt)140
Fuel burn (L/hr)60
Hourly rate with fuel£255.00 / €290.00 (excl. VAT)
Hourly rate without fuel£170.00 / €190.00 (excl. VAT)
Daily fare£85.00 / €95.00 (1) (excl. VAT)
Airport fees / taxesNot included
ParkingNot included

Piper PA-28R 201T Arrow 3

This 4 seater retractable aircraft is equipped with a turbocharged engine, it is very effective for flying quickly above the weather. It is certified up to FL200. Oxygen bottle and masks can be provided at additionnal cost for your flights above FL100. This aircraft requires the following qualifications : retractable, turbocharged, variable pitch.

LocationsLondon, Paris, Berlin
Seating capacity4
Cruise speed (kt)160
Fuel burn (L/hr)45
Hourly rate with fuel£200.00 / €225.00 (excl. VAT)
Hourly rate without fuel£130.00 / €150.00 (excl. VAT)
Daily fare£85.00 / €95.00 (1) (excl. VAT)
Airport fees / taxesNot included
ParkingNot included

Check-out policy

Pilots with no previous or recent experience with our aircrafts will be required to perform a check-out flight of min. 3 hrs with a qualified flight instructor, prior to be able to rent and fly the aircraft solo. They will also make sure to have all required licenses and qualifications for the type up to date(Turbo, retractable, variable pitch propeller, etc.). A control may be required before any rental starts.

Recent experience

Any pilot with no flight hours on the specific aircraft within the previous 6 months will be required to fly a check ride of 1 hour prior to rent the aircraft again. If he/she has never flown the aircraft before, the standard check-out time of minimum 3 hours will be applied, depending on his/her ability to safely control the aircraft and systems.

Commercial operations

Commercial ops are not authorized.

Rental terms and conditions

See our rental terms and conditions

1The daily fare is due if the aircraft flies less than 2 hours per rental day.

2On this particular aircraft, 5 min turbo warm-up and cooldown time before taxi and after landing and taxi is mandatory. It is not charged to the customer.